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Precision Dentistry

Dr. Kerper, Dr. Kane, Dr. Golbert, Dr. Stein, and our staff harness the latest technology, ensuring quality dental care. We employ high-power microscopes for precision, allowing detailed work on dental restorations. This level of care isn’t achievable with the naked eye alone.

Digital Imaging

Our team judiciously selects when to use radiographs, vital for spotting unseen dental issues. Compared to traditional methods, digital imaging reduces exposure time by half, granting clearer visuals of dental problems.

Laser Dentistry

An advancement in dental treatment, laser dentistry benefits those averse to needles or numbness. It’s effective for both tooth and soft tissue procedures, often expediting healing and reducing the need for sutures. Lasers can even detect cavities in early stages.

Intraoral Camera

Leveraging technology, we use Intraoral Cameras for clear images of your mouth, facilitating accurate diagnoses. These images are stored for future reference, aiding in treatment documentation and communication with other specialists or insurance entities.