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Insurance Information

The comfort and convenience of our patients are crucial to us; therefore, we bill the insurance company of our patients and track their claims. We advise our patients to keep us updated about any changes to their insurance plans. The office and service fees are to be paid by the patient, regardless of the insurance coverage.

It is common for insurance companies to take 4-6 weeks to reimburse the claim. The additional cost charged to the patient is to be paid by the patient.

Insurance Benefits and Accepted Plans

We offer various payment options to our customers to make the process easier for them. Our team will assist you with different payment plans and a list of insurances accepted at our clinic. You can get in touch with us for any further assistance.

Financing Your Care

Financing Solutions for Your Dental Care

Payment Options:

  • No Interest Plan: No interest is charged when the payment is made within the agreed period
  • Low-Interest Plan: A low interest is charged if the bill is prolonged for a longer time.
  • Credit Card or Check: We accept payments made through cheques or credit card
  • Cash Discount: We accept full cash payments