Children’s Dentistry
in Oxnard, CA

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A Child’s First Dental Visit

At Kane and Kerper in Oxnard, we advocate for your child’s first dental visit by age three. Lasting roughly 30 minutes, our team gently examines your child’s teeth, might take X-rays, and considers fluoride application. We prioritize trust, ensuring children feel secure during their visit.

Preparing Your Child for Dental Care

Ease dental visit anxieties by:

  • Giving a preliminary clinic tour.
  • Reading children-centric dentist books.
  • Role-playing a dentist’s visit.
  • Discussing the importance of oral care.

Children’s Preventive Care & Cavity Prevention

At Kane and Kerper, we champion preventive care with dental sealants as a defense against decay. Childhood’s sweet treats can elevate cavity risks. It’s vital to curb sugary indulgences, encourage routine post-meal rinsing, and foster consistent brushing habits. Remember, baby teeth, which begin around 6-8 months and reach 20 by age 2½, lay the groundwork for speech and chewing. As permanent teeth emerge by age 5-6, maintaining these early teeth sets a foundation for lifelong oral health. For all pediatric dental needs, trust in our Oxnard team for guidance.