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Teeth Cleaning

Getting professional teeth cleaning twice a year is necessary to maintain oral health and healthy teeth. Teeth cleaning procedures are simple and painless. Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxnard will help you understand teeth cleaning benefits.

Dental Prophylaxis

Dental Prophylaxis

A dental prophylaxis is a simple cleaning procedure performed to remove plaque from gums and teeth. A prophylaxis treatment halts the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis, preventing the growth of calculus or tartar, which can damage the bone tissue. Therefore, dental prophylaxis is an important and effective treatment to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent gum disease.

Understanding the Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Here are some of the benefits of getting your teeth cleaned professionally:

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Plaque Removal

Plaque buildup, called tartar or calculus, can cause serious periodontal problems along the gum line. Periodontal diseases damage the soft bone tissue that supports the teeth, resulting in tooth loss. Unfortunately, even if you maintain proper oral hygiene at home, such as brushing and flossing, you cannot remove all bacteria, deposits, and debris from the gum pockets between your teeth. In contrast, an experienced dentist uses specialized dental equipment to remove plaque buildup and prevent further progression of periodontal problems.

A Healthier Smile

As we age, enamel starts to wear down from the surface of our teeth, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. Similarly, a poor diet can cause stains and discoloration that decreases the sparkle in your smile. A dental prophylaxis treatment can remove unsightly stains and is an effective treatment for restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Fresh Breath

Halitosis or bad breath is an indication of underlying gum disease. Food particles rotting below the gum line or existing gum infection can give your breath a bad odor. Regularly visiting a dentist to remove calculus, bacteria, and plaque can reduce infection and improve halitosis. Have trouble with bad breath? Visit Kane and Kerper dentists in Oxnard now for a simple tooth cleaning procedure that will leave you with fresh breath.

Professional Cleaning

Kane and Kerper dentists in Oxnard perform professional dental cleaning with the highest quality specialized dental equipment. Our dental cleaning experts recommend that you get a prophylaxis treatment twice a year to prevent gum disease.

Remember, it is not possible to completely reverse gum disease, but inhibiting its progression is definitely possible. Our dental prophylaxis procedure is effective with long-lasting results.