Denture Relines
in Oxnard, CA

Denture Relines

Dentures fit nicely when new, as they are constructed according to the shape of your gums. Over time, the alignment of jaw and gum tissues changes, causing the dentures to become loose. Professionally relined dentures remain functional and secure for a long time.

There are three types of denture relines:

Hard Denture Reline

It is important to have a hard reline for your dentures every two years. Fortunately, we are experts in restoring the functionality of dental dentures.

Our dentists in Oxnard will remove hard plastic from the surface of the denture and then place putty on the surface that comes in contact with the tissue, allowing it to reach a rubber-like consistency.

Dentures filled with putty are put onto the existing dentures to take an impression and recreate a new model that adjusts to the existing shape of your gum.

Soft Denture Reline

Patients with sore and tender gums are unable to wear standard dentures. We recommend using a soft material that remains effective for a year or two for such patients.

A soft denture reline puts less pressure on the gums and prevents them from being tender or sore. A reliable option for patients with sore gums is implant-retained dentures. These dentures are permanent and require less maintenance.

Temporary Relines

Poorly maintained dentures can cause swelling, redness, and misshapen teeth. In such cases, soft or hard reline impressions may cause more trouble.

Palliative or temporary reline material is used to protect the gums. Temporary relines have a firm and tighter fitting and are made with pliable soft material. They also lead to reducing gum inflammation, letting the gums return to their normal shape. The dentist then removes the temporary relines and replaces them with new hard or soft relines.

A denture reline is a small procedure that reshapes your denture for a better and more comfortable fit. Periodically visiting your dentist for a denture reline can help you maintain your denture’s shape and effectiveness.

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