Implant Retained Dentures
in Oxnard, CA

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Implant-Retained Dentures

Are you embarrassed about your missing teeth? Replace them with implant retained dentures!

Replacing your missing teeth is ideal for your appearance and your oral health. Missing teeth can hinder your oral functionality by causing trouble in eating and speaking. The loss of a single tooth can burden the neighboring teeth, causing jaw muscle pain and headaches. So, replacing your missing teeth with implant-retained dentures can have many benefits.

Are you missing your lower teeth?

Our Kane and Kerper dentists in Oxnard help you repair and restore oral health regardless of the complexity of your situation. We offer many denture options; however, compared to upper teeth dentures, lower teeth dentures are more uncomfortable to wear and eat with. As a result, we offer several replacement options for patients who have missing lower teeth:

Ball Attachment Denture

The lower jaw is covered with two implants in the ball attachment denture procedure, and a denture is snapped onto these implants. A ball attachment denture is a more stable option for lower dentures and allows you to chew easily.

Lower dentures are generally more difficult to maintain; therefore, you will experience sore spots if any debris or food particles are caught under them. You will also require periodic denture adjustment to maintain the fitting of your denture.

Attachment Denture

In this procedure, based on the size of your jaw, four to six implants will be placed onto your lower jaw. At Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxnard, we will allow the gums to heal and connect the implants with a customized support bar.

Bar attachment dentures contain unique internal retention clips that attach to the support bar. The retention clips allow the dentures to remain firmly in place. Bar attachment dentures are more stable; they don’t move much at all. These dentures can be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Screw-Retained Denture

Another option for your lower dentures is a screw-retained denture, which is permanently attached to your implants. This procedure uses clasps or screws to keep the denture in place with the support bar.

Screw-retained dentures are safe and do not touch the gum tissue, allowing easy removal and maintenance. They are a good option when you are missing all your lower teeth, are permanent, and cannot be removed except with the assistance of a professional. Maintaining screw-retained dentures is more complex and requires regular visits to the dentist’s office.

Are You Missing All Your Upper Teeth?

At Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we have various denture options for your upper jaw as well. However, the upper jawbones are not as firm as the lower jaw and therefore require more implants. You can avoid a complete denture and fully cover the roof of the mouth based on the number of dental implants.

Our dentists in Oxnard may devise a unique solution for you that closely mimics your natural teeth, allowing you to sense the temperature and taste of the food. These dentures are also removable, which makes it easier to clean and maintain the support bar.

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures

  • Offer better stability while eating
  • Protect gum and bone tissue
  • Better aesthetics
  • Improve confidence
  • Healthier and safer