Rebase & Repairs
in Oxnard, CA


Dental rebasing is a method of replacing the denture base without replacing the denture teeth. In a rebasing procedure, your Kane and Kerper dentist completely replaces the acrylic denture base, improving the denture’s stability without having to replace the teeth.

Rebasing is recommended when the base is cracked or worn out, but the teeth are in good condition. The rebasing process is similar to that of dental relining, except that in rebasing, the entire denture base material is replaced.

Reasons To Considering Rebasing

You can consider rebasing if you want to:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Provide support for broken or damaged teeth
  • Mimic the natural appearance
  • Fix oral functionality.

Denture Repairs

Dentures can be damaged due to several reasons, harsh use, impact cracking, and more. Fortunately, denture repairs can restore a damaged denture to its original condition. Addressing damaged dentures is important because it can help restore normal oral functionality.

At Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxnard, we will help you prevent breakage and increase the life of your existing denture.