Dental Implants
in Oxnard, CA

Dental Implants

Losing teeth can severely impact daily tasks like eating, chewing, and speaking. Dental implants, the titanium-rooted replacements, pave the way for prosthetic solutions like dentures, bridges, or crowns. They not only restore oral functionality but also deter bone deterioration and facial structural changes.

Your First Step: The Consultation

Considering dental implants? Begin with a comprehensive consultation at Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxnard. We’ll assess your oral health, take note of your medical history, and emphasize personalized care. Here, it’s not just about offering solutions but ensuring they resonate with your specific needs. Our commitment is to ensure clarity, comfort, and your informed choice.

The Two-Phase Surgical Journey

Implant surgeries predominantly occur in two stages:

  • Implant Insertion: Here, the metal anchors are surgically fixed into your jawbone. These implants, over a span of three to six months, seamlessly bond with the bone. During this phase, temporary dentures enable you to manage soft food intake, while we tailor-make the optimal bridgework for you.
  • Final Touch: Once the bonding is firm, the subsequent surgery is scheduled. This involves placing a healing collar on the implants and taking tooth impressions for crafting your new set of teeth. Dental posts connected to the implants hold your artificial teeth in place.

Spanning six to eight months, this transformative journey ensures you face minimal disruption to your day-to-day life. Any discomfort? We’re just a call away.

Reclaim Your Smile Today!

Revel in the newfound confidence to eat, speak, and laugh without inhibition. Reach out to Kane and Kerper dentists in Oxnard and embark on your dental implant journey.