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Root Canal

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a common dental procedure that prevents your teeth from getting pulp infection. It is a simple treatment that can help you avoid dental bridges or implants.

The pulp in the center of our teeth is made of cells, connective tissues, and blood vessels. When these crack, decay, or experience trauma, pulp infection occurs.

If you are experiencing swelling, the pain in your tooth may be a sign of pulp infection. Your Kane and Kerper dentists in Oxnard will examine the condition of your tooth and will recommend a non-surgical removal of the diseased pulp. With the help of root canal therapy, the dentist will remove the infection and thoroughly clean the root canals.

Usually, local anesthesia is used when performing root canal therapy, and the procedure may require more than one visit, depending on the complexity of the case. In 90% of the cases, root canal therapy is completely effective and protects your gums for a long time.

In certain cases, endodontic treatment may not be the best choice. We inform our patients about how successful a treatment is likely to be before and after treatment to help them make the right decision. In addition, our dentists in Oxnard provide various discomfort-relieving methods during the procedure, including laughing gas, sedation, and anesthesia. After a simple root canal procedure, you will be comfortable enough to carry on with routine activities.


After Treatment

After completing your root canal therapy, the treatment record will be sent to a restoration specialist. You can schedule a follow-up consultation with the restorative dentist following a few weeks of the procedure. Based on your condition, we will recommend the most suitable restoration that will provide the best protection to your tooth.

Complications after a successful endodontic procedure are uncommon; however, if you experience any pain or discomfort following the root canal therapy, get in touch with us immediately. You should also practice good oral hygiene to prevent decay and inflammation.


Cost of Root Canal Therapy

The cost of root canal therapy varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the case. If the tooth is severely damaged and requires extensive cleaning, the number of visits to complete the procedure will increase.

Root canal therapy is generally an affordable treatment. At Kane and Kerper Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxnard, we will guide you about all in-office and treatment costs. We accept different payment options to make it easy for our patients to afford treatment.